Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ACEO - Moon Over the Ocean

Since I read somewhere recently that you can paint acrylics on watercolor paper (even if you don't use the watercolor technique), I thought I would give that a try. However, I have a package of Strathmore ATC size assorted papers that I looked through and decided to use the paper made for use with acrylics first (made sense to me). It has a slight texture and is sort of a light cardboard thickness. At first I didn't like it, but after finishing the painting, I decided I did like it. I used a photo that my nephew sent me that I thought would look all right painted small. I might try the watercolor card with the same scene and see if there is much difference in painting technique.


  1. Looks really good to me, too! It will be interesting to see the difference with the watercolor card.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Chris. There are so many choices for artists these days and it's a lot of fun experimenting.