Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Two More Carnegie Painted

Backyards off Center Avenue

Big Tree on Alice Street

These pastels were done for Carnegie Painted in 2006. I just found a CD that had some photos on it that were on my old computer which is not connected yet. I had planned to have it up and running in my spare room with most of my art supplies, but it's been too hot to work up there. I actually prefer my old printer - it had more options suitable for helping me with my artwork and the color of the printouts was more accurate. I did finally get an air conditoner up there, but haven't had a chance to get it all organized yet.

More Carnegie Painted

Little Park off Main Street, 11" x 14"

I did this watercolor in 2008 for the Carnegie Painted show. The color is a little too dark in the first photo and is a little washed out in the second photo. It's actually somewhere in between. The first photo I took inside with two lights on each side and the second one I took outside in the sun. Part of the problem is that it is already framed under glass and I had to be careful I didn't get glare. I found some tips for photographing your art on the web site Apparently I shouldn't take the picture in direct sunlight or with lights shining directly on the painting. I will keep trying to figure this out. Fortunately,If it's small enough I can just scan the painting.