Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Beach Bicycle

This was supposed to be for Monday's prompt on World Watercolor Month, "On the Beach." Lesson learned: If you are not sure of your placement of an object don't use the darkest color you have. I messed up the perspective on the black wheel of the bicycle and I had to make some repairs. I hope they aren't too bad.

Thursday, July 12, 2018


I was going to try to do the World Watercolor Month challenge, but I did this July 7 and I think it qualifies for yesterday's prompt, Beautiful Blooms. I need to practice doing flowers a little more. I don't think I got enough contrast in the lighting either. But here goes anyway:

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Just Peachy

Here are the peaches I did for the watercolor challenge #30x30Watercolor2018. I got 58 likes which was very encouraging.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

I Think I'm Back

I think I'm back to painting again. I took a rather circuitous route to get there. I had cataract surgery in October of 2016, but it took about  a year to adjust to my "new" eyes. I had some reaction to the surgery (macular edema) that took six or seven months to clear up and then I had to adjust to new glasses. I can't see really up close like I used to, but my distance vision is good (with glasses) and colors are spectacular. That's what got me enthusiastic again. I did a lot of perusing on You Tube to keep me distracted while I was recovering and discovered "Junk Journaling." I think it was the color that sucked me in--in addition to an attic full of "junk" that I could use for journaling. Then I did some bullet journaling which led me to decorate a planner that I custom designed for my use.  While searching for videos on You Tube, I ran across videos for watercolors. So I started doing watercolors again. Through some art groups on Facebook, I found out about a 30 day challenge for watercolorists. I didn't do the whole 30 days, but it did get me started--along with a sample set of Daniel Smith watercolors. ( 238 colors on dot cards which are so much fun to test.) However, I think I started out with using my watercolor pencils first. I have several different brand sets and I wanted to see what the difference was between them. So I did an apple sketch eight times with each different set. Here they are:


 The last apple was done with watercolor markers. I didn't like them. But I did learn the value of painting the same thing over and over again. It is good practice. I did a pair of peaches for the watercolor challenge which turned out pretty good because I had practiced the apple sketches--round fruit.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I had to take a break from art; my house and my "stuff" were getting away from me. But just when I had gathered enough stuff for a yard sale, I wound up in the hospital with atrial fibrillation and pneumonia. It seems to take a couple of months to recover after that kind of setback. I continued with cleaning up the yard and reorganizing the house "stuff", planning to start painting again after the holidays and a wedding. (My grandniece got married.) It also didn't help that our desktop computer is being finicky; sometimes it stays on and sometimes it doesn't. I have a laptop, but I prefer the larger screen (I'm also getting a cataract in my left eye so it's harder to see detail than it used to be).  I also got a smart phone so I always have a camera on me if I see something that might make a good painting. That's going to take a few days to figure out. But I thought I had better post something before my blog disappears since I hadn't posted for almost a year and explain the absence.
So here it is January already and I haven't started painting again. I'm not sure where to start to get back to where I left off. Maybe I should start with a trip to the optometrist so I can get new glasses and see a little better and get some inspiration back and put that smart phone camera to use.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Future Painting

This was one of the first flowers in my garden this year. It's a tree peony blossom and it was gigantic. I'll have to figure out which is the best medium to use to paint this. I can see this in watercolor, but I've been using acrylics lately so don't know which I'm going to chose yet. Maybe acrylic on watercolor canvas?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Moon Over the Ocean 3

This one I painted for my nephew Dennis since he was the one who sent me the photos. He is visiting here from Florida and his birthday was yesterday. I hurried up and started this last evening and finished it this afternoon. It's slightly different than the smaller ones. I used the watercolor canvas again. It's supposed to be for all mediums, but I'm having a little trouble with blending with acrylics yet even after I coated it with a layer of gesso. I need to use it again and make notes. I think I like the water and waves better on this one, but the clouds better on the smaller ones.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Seascape - Bird and Boat


No wonder I'm not getting the house cleaned. Here's another painting I did yesterday and finished today. I went to the craft store last week to get some matte medium and of course I had to browse. I found some 5" x 7" watercolor canvas panels and I had to try them. They are smoother than regular canvas board and can be used with watercolor and acrylic. Of course it's a seascape. I thought it would be easy since I've been doing them lately. Still not easy. The other seascapes I did had the waves on the left side. Apparently, that's easier for me to do since I am right handed I guess. I might have to straighten out the horizon line though. Also, the next time I use the watercolor canvas, I think I will put a coat or two of gesso on it.  The paint sinks in too much unless you are using watercolor paint and leave the white of the paper for the white areas.
P.S. There are two photos of the same painting for a reason: The bottom one was a regular scan and a lot of the texture on the canvas shows up as glare. The top one was edited in Windows Live Photo Gallery with "Noise Reduction" and I think it makes a difference by cutting down on the texture glare. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier. I had fish for dinner yesterday. Maybe that helped.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Moon Over the Ocean 2

I took a break from cleaning the attic and did another mini painting. Here is the second version of Moon Over the Ocean done on ACEO size watercolor card. The paint soaks in a little on the watercolor paper, but it helps make the clouds look more diaphanous or fluffy.  Also, the moon is not paint; it's the white of the paper showing through.